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Welcome to Evidyon – No Man's Land.


Evidyon – No man's Land is a free to play and opensource 3D MMORPG, this higly addictive Mmorpg have all you want from a commercial game; fast-paced PVP; lot of contents, Guilds, Dungeons, Geosids, Partys, and more than 60 lvls to explore!

What is Evidyon?

Evidyon – No Man's Land is an indie 3d online RPG published by www.evidyon.es, released under GPLv3 license. (Evidyon name and trademark are copyrigthed by Karl Gluck www.evidyon.com). We've worked for years while attending our tasks for a fast-paced, interactive and highly addictive game. We have released limited tests–pre-alpha, alpha and pre-beta–to date and, with all of the programming completed, we are pushing hard to get a working, stable game online.

Published Jan 13, 2015
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing